Vehicle PC:



Car PC SD3110 Car PC SD3110
Car PC SD3110 Marine PC SD6000
Car PC SD3200 Car PC SD3200-IP65 Car PC SD3200-V4
Car PC SD3610-PoE Car PC SD3610-PoE




In-Vehicle Computer / On-Board Computer / Vehicle PC / Car PC

SD-OMEGA offer high performance x86 Car PC and Vehicle PC (Car Computer, Vehicle Computer), aimed at automotive / vehicle PC hardware customers and telematics system integrators. Automotive ready: Eliminating in-vehicle power issues, the SD-OMEGA PC is the perfect high performance Car PC solution providing a versatile, low cost navigation and infotainment hardware platform.

Our Car PC are suitable for commercial and personal uses in Cars, Trucks, Buses, RVs and Boats. We can also provide GPS Tracking systems (GPS Tracker) and mobile broadband internet solutions.

Customised Models Available:

Please contact us for customised solution

•Optional: Internal GPS, 3G,/LTE, WIFI, WIFI Hotspot, 4 or 8 Analog Video in, 4 or 8 IP Cameras, DIO 4 In and 4 Out, Internal CanBus, M12 connection, IP65, 4/8 PoE,
•Up to 5 SIM Slots
•Dual Sata and Sata DOM
•The PC comes with 4x antenna-output and 3x Mini-PCIe slots.
•The Car-PC can be connected directly to the car battery (12V/24V). Based on ignition plus, the PC will start and shutdown.
•The PC is completely fanless and is equipped with an AMD G-T56N, Intel Celeron 2980U, Intel Celeron 1047E, Intel Core i3-3217UE, Intel Core i7-3517UE.
•3x Mini-PCIe slots allow maximum expandability options including LTE, UMTS, 3G, 3.5G, GSM/GPRS, WLAN and Bluetooth.
•Wide input range (9-36V), extended temperature range (-40° to 70° C) and vibration-/schock-/eMark-certification.
•Extensive setup and programming options and Watchdog-ability (7 seconds start delay time and 1 to 255 minutes stop delay time), optional 10 minutes internal backup battery kit.

Please kindly contact us for Customised Solution which will 100% meet your project requirement.

We have done many projects for car pc, bus pc and taxi pc project. Please contact us for customised system to meet your project requirement such as fleet management system, data terminal for Taxi dispatching and in-vehicle advertisement system (3G, WIFI, GPS internal). Lead time is 5 to 15 days.