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SD-OMEGA offers a variety of cutting-edge systems incorporating high-performance processors for military computers. The robust architecture embedded into our rugged fanless boxes allows operations in a wide range of temperatures (-25C ~ 70C) and ensures reliability in extreme conditions for maximum performance. These products feature wide range DC input (9~36V), multi display ports and Ruggedized MIL-810G Certificate with longevity product life cycle. In addition, the sensing and computing devices worn by soldiers and embedded in their combat suits, helmets, weapons systems, and other equipment are capable of acquiring a variety of static and dynamic biometrics The SD-OMEGA solution enables real-time image analysis and data transmission, providing accurate and effective information for military computer and applications.




  • Intel Gen 8th 6 Cores i7 CPU w/ 10 x GbE (Optional 8 x PoE)/ 3 x COM/ 3 x DP/ 4 x HDMI/4 x USB 3.0/ NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1060 1280 CUDA cores GPU/ 9-48V/ AI GPU Computing
  • Intel 6th/7th-Gen Quad Core Xeon/i7/i5/i3 CPU with 6 GbE/ 4 COM/ 7 HDMI/ 4 USB 3.0/ NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1050 GPU/ 9-48V/ In-Vehicle Fanless Computer
  • Intel 6th-Gen Skylake Core i7/i5/i3 CPU w/ 4 GbE/ 4 ISO COM/ 2 DP/ VGA/ 4 USB 3.0/ Fast Expansible Slot/ 9-36V Fanless Computer
  • Intel Gen 6 Core i7-6600U CPU with 4x POE Ports On-Board Computer
  • Intel Gen6 Core i7-6600 CPU with HD 520 GPU On-Board Computer
  • Intel Gen5 Core i7-5650U CPU with HD 6000 GPU On-Board Computer
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