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Smart Animal Husbandry Solutions improve, transform, and upgrade traditional

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Smart Animal Husbandry Solutions improve, transform, and upgrade traditional animal husbandry


Implementing SD-OMEGA  SD-7000 Internet of Things (IoT) technology means installing electronic tags on livestock and IP cameras in livestock farms. The information on the screen and tags are transmitted via the network, 5G/LTE or wireless network to SD-OMEGA  SD-7000. In addition, installing Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU display card allows the processing of edge computing, image analysis and data statistical analysis. As a result, users can monitor the humidity and environmental temperature, animal and farm status, track the information and control the production safety during the growth process. Periodically, the system tracks key information concerning disease prevention and breeding progress. Before the livestock is slaughtered, the electronic report can also be used to confirm that the livestock is disease-free and market-ready. 



SD-OMEGA Smart Animal Husbandry Solution simplifies the management of livestock breeding by monitoring livestock health, preventing large-scale epidemic outbreaks, and periodically tracking growth to ensure the meat's quality before entering the market. It is an effective and efficient management solution.

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