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Embedded Computing
SD675 Embedded PC (I7 I5 I3 CPU)
SD675 (Standard model)
SD675F (Fanless)
SD675G3 (4x LANs)
SD675G (2x LANs)
SD675EP (PCIe riser card support x1 PCIe card + optional 2 Mini PCIe slot)
SD675E (PCIe riser card supports x4 and x1 PCIe card)
SD675H PCI riser card supports 32-bit PCI card+Dual mini-PCIe slots support one full size and one half size mini card (optional)
SD345 Embedded PC (Core 2 Duo CPU)
SD345 (Standard Model)
SD345S ( 2x RS232)
SD345C (Car PC)
SD345P (2x Mini Card Slot)
SD345G (2x LANs)
SD345G3 (4x LANS)
SD345R ( Wide Range Power Input)
SD525 Embedded PC (Atom D525 CPU)
SD525 (standard model)
SD525C (Car PC)
SD525P (2x Mini Card Slots)
SD525G (2x LANs)
SD525F (Fanless)
SD525PF (Fanless + 2 Mini Card Slots)
SD525CF (Fanless Car PC)
SD525GF (Fanless + 2x LANs)
SD525R (Wide Range Power Input)
SD525RF (Fanless+ Wide Range Power Input)
SD645 Series Embedded PC (Core 2 Duo CPU)
SD645 (Standard Model)
SD645S (4x COM)
SD645U ( 8x USB Port)
SD645T ( Dual Display )
SD645TPG2 (Dual display/Express card/Mini card/Three Giga LANs)
SD645PG3 (Express card/Mini card/Four Giga LANs)
SD645G (2x Giga LANs)
SD645F (Fanless)

SD645FT (Dual display Fanless PC)

SD645FTG3 (Dual display/4x Giga LANs Fanless PC)
SD645H (Support PCI card)
SD645TH (Dual display/Support PCI card)
SD645E (Support 1 Lane PCIe card)
SD645ET (Dual Display/Support 1 Lane PCIe card)
SD645D (4 Channels DVR)
SD645TD (Dual/display/4 Channels DVR)
SD645TPD (Dual display/Express card/Mini card/4 Channels DVR)
SD645M (1x Full Szie Mini PCIe slot and 1x Half Size Mini PCIe slot)
SD645MF (Fanless + 1x Full Szie Mini PCIe slot and 1x Half Size Mini PCIe slot)


SD675C Vehicle PC ( I7 I5 I3 CPU)
SD345C Vehicle PC
SD345C (Standard Model)
SD345RC (Wide Range Power Input)
SD525C Vehicle PC (Atom CPU)
SD525C (Standard Model)
SD525RC (Wide Range Power Input)
SD525RCF (Fanless+ Wide Range Power Input)
SD645 Vehicle PC Series:
SD645TC ( Vehicle PC )
SD645FTC ( Fanless Vehicle PC )
SD645TPC (Dual display/Express card/Mini card Vehicle PC)
SD645TPG2C (Dual display/Express card/Mini card/3x Giga LANs Vehicle PC)