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Small in Size, Big at Heart. We are making PC Smaller.

I7,I5,I3 Car PC Click Here for details.


Does your company need to equip its vehicle fleet with dedicated PC hardware?


Does your mobile workforce need to be connected and productive while in the car?


If so, SD-OMEGA In-vehicle PC can help you. We are a specialist manufacturer of high quality and competitively priced automotive computers, all of which have been awarded CE, FCC and Rohs certification and are therefore fully approved for use in vehicles.


We build and install car computer system ( also known Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs), Carputer, Vehicle PCs and in-vehicle PCs), with features including navigation, tracking, data capture, on-site printing and high speed 3G internet access. Our wide range of car computers support Windows 7 and Windows XP, and are compatible with all types of vehicle, including cars, vans, buses and trucks.


With our mobile installation service able to equip your vehicle of fleet on-site if required, and our focus on building bespoke car computers that meet our customers's specific requirements, we can provide a complete in-vehicle computing solution straight out of the box.


Our car computer systems can do almost anything that any other electronic car device can do, but also give your workforce access to the most valuable business tool of all- an internet enabled PC, allowing users to ...


  • Run any Windows Application
  • Record data by connecting the vehicle PC to specialist hardware devices
  • Display adverts or other useful information to passengers with extra displays
  • Use Romote Desktop or similar technologies to remotely access an office PC or network
  • Use the computer to run navigation and tracking software
  • Surf the web
  • Send and receive email
  • Use Skype or other VoIP services
  • Dicate information to the computer- using voice recognition
  • View and edit documents, presentations, spreadshets and other information

We provide excellent after-sales customer care and technical support, and provide an upgrade service so that our car computer systems can take advantage of the latest technology years after they were installed.


We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and will do our best to met your exact requirement.


Please see the below vehicle pc list.



Photo of Car PC:





List of Car PC:

We can offer OEM service to meet your project requirement.

SD345 Car PC (Core2Duo CPU)
SD525C Car PC (Atom CPU)
SD525CF (Fanless)
SD525RCF (Fanless)
SD645 Car PC Series:
SD645TC ( Vehicle PC )
SD645FTC ( Fanless Vehicle PC )
SD645TPC (Dual display/Express card/Mini card Vehicle PC)
SD645TPG2C (Dual display/Express card/Mini card/Three Giga LANs Vehicle PC)
Car PC With Fan
SD625C Serise
SD625CG3 -3Gb LAN
SD625CP -802.11G WIFI
SD625CT -TV-Out
SD625CS -4 RS-232
Car PC Fanless
SD625FC Series
SD625FC - Fanless
SD625FCP -802.11G WIFI
SD625FCT -TV-Out
SD625FCS -4 RS-232