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Solution Features: 
- Real-time monitoring and local recording; 
- Built-in 3G/4G module to realize live view and remote management; 
- GPS helps center to dispatch taxi efficiently and avoid detouring illegally; 
- This system ensures driver’s safety, which enables to click the panic button to ask for help; 
- Lost & Found and Complaints help passengers to find lost belongs. 

Taxi Surveillance6.2 Inch HD Display TP1
- Supports on-call service; 
- Collect operating data; 
- Supply intelligent navigation;  
- Supports video record checking; 

- 6.2 inch HD touch screen; 
- With 3G/4G, GPS modules; 
- Built-in radio and amplifier; 
- Supports drivers intercom; 
- With DVR function; 
- Supports 720P, VGA and QVGA network encoding; 
- LED screen optional; 
- Supports wide dynamic range. 

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